The fair and event center Paviljonki wants to ensure the safest possible participation to all events for its customers. We strictly follow the official instructions. Paviljonki has been built for large public events and we have a long experience in organizing events. Our level of hygiene and expertise is already high.

The guidelines aim to minimize all health risks to visitors, organizers, staff and partners.

The guidelines are based on the recommendations of UFI, the international organization for the trade fair industry, and take into account the guidelines for the prevention of coronavirus infections issued by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare and the Ministry of Education and Culture and the regulations of the Regional State Administrative Agency.

Instructions for companies attending as exhibitors


  • The planning of exhibition stands must anticipate the possibility for staff and customers to maintain the recommended safety distances.
  • Our exhibition tech will be happy to help with safe stand planning, more information from our contact person.


  • To ensure adequate ventilation, solid roof structures in the stand are not yet possible.


  • Please offer our common guests and your staff the opportunity to disinfect their hands in the stand
  • We also recommend disinfecting the stand’s exhibits, surfaces, and keyboards several times during the day.
  • Avoid serving sweets or giveaways that visitors pick up from the stand on a self-service basis.
  • In staff catering, we encourage you to strictly follow the hygiene recommendations of the authorities.

Please also indicate the exact number of people working in the stand.


  • For the common safety of all, we hope you will communicate these safety instructions to your own customers and emphasize in all respects that attending events in Paviljonki should be only as healthy.