Arrive Conveniently with your own car

With your own car, you arrive conveniently all the way. Jyväskylä is in the intersection of four highways, where you can find sign posts to Paviljonki. From Rantaväylä (E63) you drive through Satamakatu to Paviljonki 1 following the sign posts.

The Paviljonki parking garages are P-Paviljonki (Satamakatu 3) and P-Paviljonki 2 (Uno Savolan katu 6). The parking garages are managed by Jyväs-Parkki Oy, and all the parking areas are chargeable.

You can also park your car to the city center and walk over the bridge from Matkakeskus to Paviljonki.

Paviljonki parking map:


By Bus or train to the travel Center

Paviljonki is also easily accessible by bus or train from all over Finland. Buses and trains arrive at the Jyväskylä Travel Center, where the footbridge brings you directly to Paviljonki. Tickets and timetables can be found on Matkahuolto’s page (buses) or VR’s page (trains)

  • Jyväskylä Travel Center, Hannikaisenkatu 20, 40100 Jyväskylä, Finland


You can also reach us by plane! Flights arrive at Jyväskylä Airport, which is located in Tikkakoski, about 23 km from the city center. The flight from Helsinki to Jyväskylä takes approximately 35 minutes and drive from airport to Paviljonki about 20 min.

Tickets and timetables can be found on Finnair’s website.


Paviljonki has two covered parking areas: Paviljonki 1 parking garage and Paviljonki 2 parking garage. In addition, P3-parking area is available depending on the events.