In Paviljonki, you can organize any kind of event you want to. With us, a large assortment of professionals manages the set-up of the event from planning to implementation at Paviljonki, and the organizer has time for a stress-free planning of the content of the event.

You can find versatile venues for different kinds of events, and our restaurant handles the service based on individual needs. You get the services of all the professionals through one contact person, your own personal producer.

  • Premises that can be adapted based on your needs
  • A central location: did you know that 90% of Finns are less than four hours away from Jyväskylä?
  • Versatile services for event organizers
  • Accommodation in the same place (Solo Sokos Hotel Paviljonki)
  • Plenty of parking space
  • When necessary, our event organizers plan and implement the required services, having years of experience in the field
  • Our own exhibition tech department will produce the structural elements and furniture for your event
  • Through our encompassing network of collaborators, you can get all the side services, including sound, decoration, and other technical solutions
  • The premises located on the street level are designed for major events, and the maintenance routes guarantee accessibility as well as flexible freight forwarding in the halls.
  • Paviljonki Restaurants provides professional restaurant services for your event. Restaurants for your event can be fixed or pop-up restaurants, the number and locations of which are planned according to the event. Also, the selection may vary from cafeteria or lunch services to street food and thematic bars.


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  • You can share the amount of people, the preferred date as well as other information about the event so we can serve you better.


In Paviljonki, we create stylish, touching and memorable events for our customers, each of which is a unique, inspiring challenge. Our goal is a result that exceeds the expectations of the customer.

In Paviljonki, you can arrange:

  • Annual meetings
  • Seminars
  • Customer and staff events
  • Product launch events, special occasions
  • Dinners, pre-Christmas parties, thematic parties

Through us, your event is provided with:

  • Venue
  • Event planning
  • Restaurant services
  • Lights and sounds
  • Decoration and atmosphere creation
  • Hosting of the event, music, the program and the presenters
  • Accommodation and registration services

Your personal producer is responsible for the success of your event. We are glad to provide comprehensive assistance in the organizing of your event!


Paviljonki has a wide range of exhibition facilities (20,000 m2 in total) where you can organize professional and public events. In our halls you can organize events from heavy equipment exhibitions to training and purchase days and product launches.

The halls can be divided into several spaces of different sizes, and the number of entrances allows the exhibition halls to have many different events at the same time. The auditoriums and meeting rooms are all under one roof.

Our event producers plan and execute the required set of services with years of experience, and our own exhibition tech department produces the structures and furnishings for your event. Our extensive partner network provides you with all the related services, including: sound, decoration and other technical solutions. Paviljonki Restaurants provide professional catering services to your occasion.

If necessary, you can also get through us:

  • Ticket sales
  • Registration service for visitors and exhibitors
  • Exhibitors Extranet service (orders and contact requests)

Congresses and seminars

In our premises you can organize everything from small meetings to international congresses.

Our services always include:

  • Modern facilities and equipment
  • Lobby service
  • Guarded cloakroom
  • Meeting assistant

If necessary, we will also provide:

  • Registration services
  • Organizing the event from space reservations to participant billing
  • Accommodation bookings

The specialty of our versatile facilities is a unique, transforming auditorium that is easily and quickly divided into three independent spaces, for either 300, 600 or 1200 people. Meetings of up to thousands of people can be held in the halls.


Paviljonki offers its clients comprehensive meeting services.

Our meeting services always include:

  • Contemporary meeting room
  • Lobby service
  • Guarded cloakroom
  • Meeting assistant
  • Water serving
  • Paviljonki WLAN connection

There are meeting rooms for 10-160 people and larger meetings are possible in auditoriums and halls. Our specialty is a unique, convertible auditorium of 1 200 people that is easily and quickly divided into three independent spaces. Meetings of up to thousands of people can be held in the halls.

Day meeting packages from 41,25 € / person + VAT, including

  • Lunch
  • Morning and afternoon coffee (incl. pastry)


Paviljonki offers comprehensive services to entertainment organizers. For example, arranging a concert is easy when you can manage all the details of the event through the same contact.

In Wilhelm-sali, it is possible to organize an entertainment event in a 600 or 1200 seat hall. Wilhelm concert package includes:

  • The rent of Wilhelm-sali for an agreed schedule for either 600 or 1200 seats, changing room facilities, a foyer for performers and a sales counter for merchandise.
  • Staff: hall assistant, necessary security, cloakroom staff, Paviljonki Info services.
  • Show technique: PA equipment, ie hall speakers, amplifiers and processor, as well as hall lights (front and profile and fresnel lights with dimmers).
  • Marketing: mention in the Paviljonki entertainment brochure, visibility on our homepage events calendar, visibility inside Paviljonki (screens).

At Paviljonki Areena you can organize an atmospheric concert or a mega-class show experience. Paviljonki Areena is transformed from Paviljonki halls to accommodate up to 5 000 people.

Paviljonki Olkkari Klubi is a new club-style gig space for Paviljonki, which is suitable for events that are less than a thousand people. Olkkari Klubi is a space with standing room, bar services open throughout the gig and a few seating areas to rest your feet.

We will work with you to design the technical implementation required for the event. Paviljonki has its own technique, but you can also bring your own technique with you.