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Kirja, Ruoka & Viini -fair (Book, Food & Wine)

event pictures

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Jyväskylän Rakennusmessut 2020 (Jyväskylä Building fair 2020)
Pictures: Anne Kalliola

Sähkö, Valo, Tele AV2020 -fair (Electricity, Light, Tele, AV fair)
Pictures: Anne Kalliola

Kirja, Ruoka & Viini 2019 -fair (Book, food & wine)
Pictures: Anne Kalliola

Puumessut 2019 (Wood fair)
Pictures: Anne Kalliola

Jyväskylän Rakennusmessut 2019 (Jyväskylä Building fair 2019)
Pictures: Joel Jyrinki

Press Releases

You will find press releases in finnish from the finnish media page.



Most of the time, K100 Klubi serves as the space for media representatives (entrance via Lutakonaukio lobby, near the Kongressi entrance), based on the opening hours of the fairs. In the news space, you can find a computer, a printer, and a Wifi. You can find event-specific press releases and media materials provided by the exhibitors and coffee- and tea service.

There are a few parking slots for media representatives in P3-area.


Media representatives can become accredited to our own exhibition events free of charge by filling in the accreditation form. You will find the form from each event’s own website. A prerequisite for accreditation is an active member card of Journalistiliitto (Journalist alliance) or a similar proof that you are a media representative and working on an assignment at the event. Accredited persons can get all the press releases, and a lunch ticket and a parking permit free of charge on the spot.

Pre-accredited people, when they show the confirmation message, get a PRESS-pass from the info desk at the main entrance that allows entry. Bloggers can also sign in via accrediting form. Blogger-entry allows one person to visit the fair free of charge, and requires writing about the fair either before or after the event. All accepted bloggers get a confirmation email.

The arrangements may be different in event organized by other organizers, in them you should always contact the organizing party.