Instructions have been updated 9.9.2021.

The fair and event center Paviljonki wants to ensure the safest possible participation to all events for its customers. We strictly follow the official instructions. Paviljonki has been built for large public events and we have a long experience in organizing events. Our level of hygiene and expertise is already high.

The guidelines aim to minimize all health risks to visitors, organizers, staff and partners.

These instructions take into account the guidelines for the prevention of coronavirus infections issued by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare and the Ministry of Education and Culture and the regulations of the Regional State Administrative Agency.

The Regional State Administrative Agency of Western and Inland Finland will not impose new restrictions on gatherings in Jyväskylä area, after the restriction ends on 9.9.2021.

The general hygiene requirements of the Communicable Diseases Act must continue to be observed at public events as well.

In Paviljonki, the event security is enhanced by the following measures:

Hand disinfection
Disinfectant points for hands are placed in entrances, lobbies and spaces between halls. In addition, hand disinfectants are available in all of our meeting rooms, toilets, restaurants and cafes

Face masks and disposable gloves
We have face shields and disposable gloves available for our customers. Points of sale can be inquired from staff. When using face shields, we recommend following the instructions of the authorities. Please note that our customer service representatives also have the option of using face shields if they wish.

Toilet facilities
There are plenty of toilet spaces with safety markings throughout Paviljonki. Toilets are cleaned and disinfected several times during the day (toilet seats, washbasin, taps). Hand sanitizer and soap are available at all times. Safety distances are clearly marked in the waiting areas of the toilet.

Cleaning and disinfection
Our preparing includes effective cooperation with our cleaning partner. Our cleaners, who have received hygiene training, check the premises several times during the day. Among other things, service counters, cloakroom counters, stair railings and keypads for elevators and payment terminals are regularly disinfected. Efficient air conditioning and high control rooms improve safety.

Restaurants and cafes
Our restaurant partners strictly follow the recommendations given by the authorities for restaurant and café operations. In our restaurants there is a possibility to disinfect your hands. Safety gaps are maintained in the premises and the surfaces are cleaned and the pick-ups are replaced more frequently.

Visitor guidance
In the entrance areas, it is reminded that you can only enter Paviljonki as completely asymptomatic. Common areas are marked with clear safety distances, hand washing instructions, a cough and sneezing label and a handshake avoidance reminder, with signage and videos. We also communicate about safety in advance on the website and on some channels, so visitors can familiarize themselves with them in advance. Our trained staff will guide and advise you on site in everything.

Electronic services
We direct customers to electronic transactions. Public fair tickets can be purchased in advance from Lippupiste’s online store and professional events can be registered in advance online. At checkouts, cloakrooms and restaurants, we recommend using a payment card instead of cash and local payment, thus avoiding touching the payment terminal.

Visitor management and safety distances
The number of people inside is regulated according to the regulations of the authorities. Visitors entries can be scheduled to avoid rush. The distribution of visitors in the halls and the observance of safety distances are ensured with the help of the staff. Potential queuing locations such as entrances, cloakrooms, restaurants and cafes have clear safety markings with floor stickers and more safety staff than usual. The corridors of the exhibition halls are sufficiently spacious and marked with safety signs. The movement of visitors is guided by guided directions. Meeting rooms are more spaciously furnished as required by safety clearances. In the concert hall, the audience is directed to the hall in stages by benches. Adequate and necessary safety clearance is taken into account when placing places. We ask guests to arrive on time to avoid congestion at the lobby service and entrances. We are working to extend the interval to avoid congestion in toilets and restaurants. Our staff will guide and instruct on site on directions and other safety arrangements.

Paviljonki’s lift can be used by 2 people at a time. As an alternative to using the elevator, we recommend to use the stairs. Stair railings are cleaned more efficiently.

First aid
You can only enter Paviljonki completely asymptomatic. In larger events, there is a first aid point whose staff knows what to do if someone suspects they have been infected with a corona infection.

Protection of staff
The service counters will have transparent plexiglass covers. Staff have face shields and have access to hand disinfection.

Staff and partners will be trained and committed to enhanced pandemic prevention measures. Safety instructions are communicated in an enhanced and multi-channel manner to all stakeholders.


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