Product groups

Sawmill industry machines and equipment

Log sorting lines, log handling equipment, log measuring equipment, log scanners

Debarking machines, metal detectors

Saw lines, log rotation and alignment equipment, sawbenches, sawing pattern and optimisation software, mobile sawbenches

Automatic edge cutting machines, edging saws, measuring and optimisation software and equipment

Sorting plants, measurement and grading systems, trimmers, strength grading systems and equipment

Battening plants, automatic battening systems, battening machines

Timber drying plants, dryer software, control and measurement automation, hygrometers

Packaging plants, package presses, strapping machines, stamping and labelling equipment

Saw line automation, process control, electrification, PLC

Sawmill mechanisation, conveyors, log hauls, feeders, dosing feeders, pilers

Panel industry machines and equipment

Log handling equipment, crosscut saws

Turning, cutting, drying and sorting lines

Veneer patching, seaming and splicing machines and lines

Layup and glue spreading equipment and lines, glue mixing equipment, presses

Sawing, grinding and sorting lines

Packaging, marking and stamping lines and equipment

Panel mill mechanisation, conveyors, pilers, feeders, dosing feeders

Machines and equipment for further processing of sawn wood and wood panels and joinery industry

Dressing lines, dressing machines, end matching machines, cleaving band sawing machines

Surface treatment lines and equipment, grinding machines, brushing machines, drying furnaces

Finger-jointing lines and equipment, scanners, crosscut saws and trimmers

Glued timber production lines, glue spreaders, presses

Window and door industry production lines

Wood grid and wood element production lines

Building component production lines and machines, housebuilding industry machines and equipment

Log house production lines, log lathes, cribbing lines and machines

Pallet and wooden package production lines and equipment, automatic nailing machines

Parquet manufacturing lines

Thermal treatment equipment, impregnating equipment and modification equipment for wood processing

Machining centres, automatic drilling, dowelling, chisel and milling systems and machines

Industrial robots

Lathes, edging saws, cut-to-size and chopping saws

Lining machines, gluing and pressing equipment, grinding machines

Wood panel coating and machining lines and equipment

Special process equipment, laser machining, water cutting and wood bending equipment

Further processing plant mechanisation, conveyors, pilers, feeders, dosing feeders and assembly lines

Manual tools

Other technical systems and equipment for processes

Pneumatic and hydraulic systems

By-product treatment systems, choppers, sieves, conveyors

Chip and dust extraction systems, spark detection and quenching systems

Air conditioning systems, filtering equipment, moisture control systems, air humidifiers

Logistic systems, fork trucks, loaders, cranes, lifting devices, transfer carts

Storage and material handling systems, tray systems, halls

CAD software

Process accessories and raw materials

Blades, sharpening machines and automatic sharpeners, blade maintenance services

Fittings, hinges, connectors, screws, locks, pulling devices, latches, push-buttons, furniture mechanisms

Nailing strips, fasteners, brackets

Paints, varnishes, stains, oils, waxes, primers, glazing coats, putties

Glues, resins, glue threads, tapes

Coating films and sheets, laminates, foils, special coatings

Impregnants and other property improving chemicals

Edge trimmings, edge strips, wood veneers

Grinding accessories

Packaging materials, protections, pallets, straps, hoods, wrappings, films, tags, labels

Lubrication oils

Electric motors, frequency converters, gearings, servos

Security systems and equipment

Services, supplementary functions

Maintenance and repair services, spare part services, after sales services

Fire protection, occupational health and safety, services for wellbeing at work

Research and development, design and engineering, consulting, financing

Education and training



Organisations and associations

Business systems and programmes

Production control systems, operational control systems, project management systems

Quality systems, environmental systems, certification systems

CE marking systems, standardisation, product approval

New products and innovations

Lifespan analysis of renewable construction materials

Wood in low energy construction

New wood processing products and innovations in the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetic industry, energy industry, construction, decoration


Wood components, billets, elements

Components and billets for the window and door industry

Components, billets, parts, semi-finished products, systems and elements for new building and reconstruction

Wood parts and components for the furniture industry

Machinery and materials for the furniture industry

Strips, panels, decoration boards

Veneers, wood panels, sawn timber, hardwood

Engineered wood products (EWP)

Wood composites, hybrid constructions