In the gorgeous Encore you can arrange concerts, congresses, as well as evening parties. In the auditorium, there is space for as much as 1200 people when it is combined with the unique revolving auditoriums Tempo and Intro.

  • 1200 seats
  • Can be expanded to fit as many as 1500 people, with partially standing audience
  • Rising auditorium
  • A fixed stage
  • Desk for chairmen and a speaker podium

There are 600 places in Encore and combined with revolving auditoriums Tempo and Intro, there is room for 1200 people. The floor area can be modified to become partially a standing auditorium, or equipped with smaller chairs, to make room for 1500 people. In the auditorium, hundreds of concerts, congresses and evening parties are held every year.


  • 600 (+600) seats
  • 380 seats in the rising auditorium
  • 220 seats as separate rows of chairs
  • Fixed stage
  • Desk for chairmen
  • Speaker podium and microphone
  • Flipchart
  • Data projector Panasonic PT-RZ12K
  • Computer with internet connection and Office 365 package
  • Meeting sound equipment – 2 x headset, 2 x wireless hand-held microphone

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