Why become an exhibitor?

Secure your market position

The most important companies and decision makers of the industry will be present on Transportation fair

Generate new leads

In 2017, almost 50 % of visitors found new business relations from the exhibition

Strengthen customer ties

Inviting your customers to visit your stand shows that you value them

Meet decision makers

Trade fairs are the best place to do business. Up to 60 % of visitors in 2017 took part in the decision making in their company

Draw attention

No other media provides so much quality time with your target group. On your stand you can explain even complicated offers face-to-face

Keep an eye on the market and trends

What innovations and novelties are your competitors providing? We’ll provide exhibitors opportunity to measure themselves against the competition

Reach new employees

The most skilled professionals of transportation industry will gather in Jyväskylä

Gain visibility

Stand is not the only way to showcase your company, feel free to ask about other possibilities

Facts and statistics

Entrepreneur 19 %
Senior official 20 %
Management 15 %
Production 19 %
Sales and marketing 13 %
Takes part in purchasing decisions 60 %      


Staying up to date 72 %
Making / strengthening customer relations 30 %
Getting new ideas 54 %             

Over 15 000


Over 30 000 m2

exhibition space


of visitors recommends

Over 50%

of visitors got new ideas

Visitor survey 2017

Site Rental

6-50 m2             78 € / m
51-100 m2           66 € / m2
101-250 m2         53 € / m2
yli 251 m2            42 € / m2

Outdoors             25 € / m2

Registration fee  375€


”The trade fair of the industry that collects visitors also from northern parts of Finland. Absolute ”must” to be an exhibitor”

”Comprehensive professional fair for the transportation industry. Worth recommendation to all exhibitors.”

”Jyväskylä TRANSPORTATION is the top fair of the branch”

”Location wise Jyväskylä is excellent place to arrange fairs for professionals in transportation industry.”


  • Structural elements for the department, furniture, lightning and tapings
  • Photo prints for the wall elements and advertisement sheets
  • Decoration
  • LCD-screens of various sizes
  • Electricity- and IT-interfaces, pressured air, water- and sewage orders
  • Cleaning

Rental, building, maintenance during the exhibition and taking down of the structures is included in the prices.

Stand reservations

Sales Manager

Hannu Mennala

+358 50 591 5428

Sales Director

Ilari Tervakangas

+358 50 596 6710