Wivi auditorium is one of the two revolving auditoriums in Paviljonki.  It was named after Finland’s first female architect Wivi Lönn and the rising auditorium has almost 300 seats. It is extremely well suited for large seminars and meetings.

  • 293 seats
  • Rising auditorium
  • Speaker podium
  • Seats and coffee tables for panelists


  • Rising rows of chairs, 293 seats
  • Table tops available for extra charge with an advance order
  • Speaker podium, four chairs for panelists, two coffee tables, computer table
  • Flipchart, data projector Barco RLM-W6
  • Computer with internet connection and Office 365 package
  • Meeting sound equipment
    • 1 speaker podium 1 x wire microphone
    • 1 x headset, 1 x wireless hand-held microphone

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