Please remember to read our General terms of participation and General instructions.



Contact information

Sales Manager Hannu Mennala
+358 50 591 5428,

Sales Manager Tanja Hurttia
+358 50 362 2548,

Sales Secretary Tuula Rahikainen
+358 50 462 1232,

Exhibition tech Sales

Ordering services

All the services you need can be ordered via our Extranet service. 

The information for the exhibition catalogue is also entered via the Extranet.

Important deadlines for Extranet orders:
30.7. Exhibition catalogue information
6.8. Stand furniture and structures, suspension points, compressed air, water and sewerage
23.8. Electricity, cleaning, communications interfaces, restaurant services, exhibition logistics



Fri 3 September 8 am -9 pm, halls B, C1, D
Sat 4 September 8 am – 9 pm, halls B, C1, D
Sun 5 September, no building, only by separate agreement
Mon 6 September 8 am – 9 pm, halls B, C1, D, outdoor stands
Tue 7 September 8 am – 9 pm, halls B, C1, D, outdoor stands

  • We ask you to deliver machines and equipment that require crane service and special transports on the first days of construction (Fri-Sat) or earlier by agreement.
  • NOTE! Construction of the outdoor stands will not start until Mon 6 September at 8 am
  • Driving to the hall ends on Tue 7 September at 8 pm
  • Stands must be ready Tue 7 September at 9 pm

VIP evening:

Wed 8 September 5 pm – 9 pm

Opening hours:

Wed 8 September 12 am – 5  pm, maintenance time 8 am – 12 am
Thu 9 September 10 am – 5 pm, maintenance time 9 am – 10 am
Fri 10 September 10 am – 4 pm, maintenance time 9 am – 10 am


Fri 10 September 4.30 pm – 9 pm
Sat 11 September 8 am – 9 pm
Sun 12 September no dismantling, only by separate agreement
Mon 13 September 8 am – 9 pm

  • Dismantling may begin on Fri 10 September at 4.30 pm. The exhibitors’ packing boxes are first brought to the stands by a forklift and only then are the cars admitted to the halls.
  • All exhibitors’ goods and structures must be removed from the halls Mon 13 September by 9 pm. Otherwise, the organizers will remove them at the expense of the exhibitor.


Together we make a successful event! Your company’s own channels are a great place to tell your customers about your participation in the event. You can e.g. build a link from your website to, where those interested can get more information about the event.

Here you can download some logos and banners for marketing

On social media, you can follow us:


Electronic Invitations

In June 2021, we will open a new Paviljonki Exhibitor Portal, where exhibitors can make exhibitor cards, invite customers electronically to both the exhibition and the VIP Evening, and also track the registration of those invited!

Electronically invited customers will print their ID badge / invitation to VIP Evening directly from their email and all they have to do is to arrive. The service also includes a Paviljonki mobile application, which can be used to record people who have visited the stand.

We will send the user ID for the service and more detailed instructions in a separate e-mail to the contact person of the exhibition contract.

Face-to-face encounters are more and more valuable. At the fair, you reach both new and old customers personally and effectively. Inviting customers and exhibitors’ own event marketing is thus even more important! It is a good idea to use the electronic invitations in your pre-marketing and it is easy to do after-sales marketing for the register you get from those who visited your stand.

Paper invitations to the VIP Evening and trade fair invitations can still be obtained separately by ordering from the Extranet. However, please note that users of paper invitations will not register as your guests. In addition, those arriving with a paper fair invitation must register separately as a visitor in order to receive an identification card.

VIP evening

More information coming soon.


You can send your press releases to, we will add them to our website for media to download.

During the exhibition, please deliver your press releases to our information desk at Lutakonaukio lobby or directly to press lounge Klubi.

Exhibition office

The exhibition office in Uno Savolan katu lobby is open for exhibitors during the stand construction and dismounting times. During the event, the exhibitors can turn also to the exhibition office in Lutakonaukio lobby. Suspension hooks, carpet tape and silicone adhesives for wall mounting can be hired from the exhibition offices.

Exhibitor Lounge

The K100 Klubi is the exhibitor lounge. The entrance can be found in the lobby of Lutakonaukio, near the Kongressi entrance. In the exhibitor lounge, you can rest, have coffee or tea and read the daily newspapers or check your e-mail with free internet access.


It is not allowed to fix materials of any type to the hall walls.

Materials can be fixed to the hall floor using exclusively adhesive tape that can be detached from the floor without leaving marks, e.g. Eurocel 704. This tape can be purchased at the Exhibition office. If a tape that violates the floor when removed or leaves traces is used, we will charge the repair / cleaning costs from the exhibitor.

It is not allowed to paint stand wall elements or stick any material on them. Decoration materials can be fixed to the frame profiles by suspending. Decoration materials can be fixed to the wall panels using strong tape, e.g. Pro Contact or Powertrips; for felt-surfaced wall panels, decoration pins can also be used. Adhesive tape and silicone tape can be purchased from the Exhibition office.

Exhibitors are responsible for removing all fastened materials from the elements before dismounting the stand. Exhibitors or stand builders are also responsible for removing floor tapes.

Wireless Microphone

The use of a wireless telecommunications device, such as a wireless microphone or radio transmitter, always requires a permit from the technical producer, Mikko Rahkonen (mikko.rahkonen (at) Permission must be requested no later than 2 weeks before the event. The user of a wireless telecommunications device must carry a permit issued by Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom to use the device.


Every person working at the stands during the exhibition must have a personal ID-card.

Exhibitor card allows entry to the exhibition area throughout the event, from the first day of construction to the last day of dismantling. Exhibitor cards are printed from Paviljonki Exhibitor Portal. We will send the user ID for the service and more detailed instructions in a separate e-mail to the contact person of the exhibition contract. Each cardholder can either print their own cards or one person can take care of all the cards.

Standbuilder card allows entry to the halls only during stand construction and dismantling and they are intended primarily for outside builders. Standbuilder cards are available on site at Paviljonki info.


We have some time slots in the program for exhibitors to organize their own presentations on stage during the exhibition. The duration of one presentation is 15-20 minutes, and slots are every 1/2 hour. Time slots are reserved in booking order. The program is published on our website.

During the exhibition you can also organize your own customer events: banquets, meetings or even product launches. We have several auditoriums, lecture and meeting rooms, and you can have catering in either them or in our restaurants.


product Innovation competition

We invite all exhibitors to participate in a competition for a product or service that best improves the environmental performance of the industry in accordance with the fair’s theme “Wood Industry and Environment”. A product or service does not have to be a novelty to be unveiled at a trade fair now – it is enough that it has been presented or launched in the last year. More than one product can be entered in the competition.

The Advisory Board of the Wood Fair will select a maximum of 12 participants for the final stage of the competition. The winner will be awarded at the VIP Evening. All products / services selected for the finals will receive publicity in the marketing of the event and a certificate of participation.

Please participate in the competition by sending a short (max A4), written description of the product / service by e-mail by 21.6.2021 to When registering, we also hope for a marketing image for our use.

At the beginning of the description we ask for a summary max. 3 sentences showing:
– what in the product / service contributes to the consideration of the environment and / or resource efficiency.
– what benefits the product / services provide to the customer
– how it differs from products / services already on the market
– what is its superior feature


During stand construction and dismantling times, Jyväskylä Fair Ltd. offers you free car parking in parking area P3 (limited amount of places). Parking cards for this period will be available from the parking personnel. The parking areas beside Jyväskylän Paviljonki are controlled by the traffic wardens of the city of Jyväskylä. Accordingly, the parking card should be placed so that it is clearly visible through the vehicle windscreen.

Heavy-duty vehicles are to be moved away from the area for the duration of the exhibition.

During the exhibition period parking is subject to charge in all areas. We have two parking houses, P-paviljonki 1 (entrance from Satamakatu) and P-Paviljonki 2 (entrance from Uno Savolan katu). You can pay the charge directly to the coin-operated machines located in the area.

There is lots of parking space within walking distance in the city’s parking houses or hotels.

Exhibition logistics / Delivery address

Goods can be delivered to the halls from the first stand construction day.

Please notice that Jyväskylä Fair Ltd personnel cannot sign the shipments. If you cannot be here receiving the goods, you can order the service from Suomen Messulogistiikka Oy. From them you can order also truck, forklift, storage or transport services during the exhibition.

Erkki Koski, tel. +358 40 546 9555 or

Delivery address when mailing:
Jyväskylän Paviljonki / Name of the event
Exhibitor / stand number
PL 127
FIN-40101 Jyväskylä

When using transport company and your stand is in hall B:
Jyväskylän Paviljonki /Name of the event
Exhibitor / Stand number
Schaumanin Puistotie 18 / maintenance door B2, B3 or B4
FIN-40100 Jyväskylä

When using transport company and your stand is in hall C:
Jyväskylän Paviljonki /Name of the event
Exhibitor / Stand number
Lutakonaukio 12 / maintenance door C1
FIN-40100 Jyväskylä

When using transport company and your stand is in hall D:
Jyväskylän Paviljonki /Name of the event
Exhibitor / Stand number
Uno Savolan katu 2 / maintenance door D1 or D2
FIN-40100 Jyväskylä